Steve Pressman

Steve Pressman

The Annual Luncheon of the Mid-Hudson Addiction Recovery Centers, Inc. (MARC) on May 12 will celebrate the 15-year leadership of the organization by one of most familiar names in local alcohol and drug rehabilitation, Steven Pressman, long-time Executive Director of MARC.

Pressman has announced that he will retire in June, 2017. Under his guidance since 2002, MARC has grown to serve about a hundred residents at a time, replacing an aging Florence Manor with a new building that has twice the capacity; creating a sober-apartment program with 30 apartments, many of them in buildings that MARC owns and manages; and taking the lead in setting up the substance-abuse facilities at the new Dutchess County Stabilization Center.

Although he was born and grew up in Brooklyn, Steven moved to Ulster Country to obtain the first of his two Masters degrees from SUNY New Paltz—and he has stayed in the county since as he undertook a succession of positions in Poughkeepsie, working with and for children at first, then finding his calling in alcoholism and substance abuse since 1984, functioning as a social worker, counselor, teacher, and leader in the field.  Before coming to MARC, he was the Executive Director of the Dutchess County Council on Alcoholism and Substance Dependency.

Steven has not limited his life to helping others deal with chemical dependency by any means.  Although he classifies himself as an amateur jazz musician, he performs in local bands on saxophone or clarinet or flute regularly. He must have a natural sense of rhythm since another recreation is ballroom dancing, which he and his wife not only practice, but also teach.  Somehow with all this he finds time to do triathlons and compete in several marathons every year.

At MARC, Steven supervises the directors of the MARC at its various facilities—the Stabilization Center, the Chemical Dependency Crisis Center, Bolger House (for men), Florence Manor (for women), Dowling House (vocational development and integration into society), and the Sober-Supported Apartments.  With these programs, MARC is able to offer a continuum of treatment, from detox to reintegration into the community.

Please Contact Irene Mazzello, (845) 452-8816 or imazzello@marc.us.com for tickets to the MARC Annual Luncheon or for more information about ways to support MARC’s Annual Luncheon fundraiser.  You can also make arrangements to attend the luncheon at MARC’s Website, http://marc.us.com.