MARC’s Good Work – 2014

As we look back at last year, there are many accomplishments of which we feel proud. Among numerous highlights was the work of our expanded Sober Supported Housing Program. Individuals and families in recovery who participated in this program received more than 9000 days and nights of housing, along with counseling and a wide variety of other  support services.

Eight program participants were able to gain and maintain regular employment and move on to independent housing.

Six participants were able to regain full or partial custody of their children.

Five participants were able to obtain full time employment after completing various training programs including Commercial Drivers training, CTI cooking school, Phlebotomy training, and a Pharmacy Technician training program.

Two participants enrolled and completed semesters at Dutchess Community College. Participants volunteered in a variety of settings. Two participants were featured speakers at MARC’s Annual Luncheon. Another volunteered as a speaker for CAPE and spoke at trainings at Dutchess Community College on Overdose Prevention and the Use of Narcan.

And thirteen participants continued in the program throughout the entire year, maintained their sobriety, and made significant improvements towards their overall health and well-being despite many obstacles and hardships that presented along the way.

We are certainly very grateful to all the program participants for their hard work and to the staff dedicated to helping them.