A Beautiful Day for Recovery Walk


Residents of the MARC houses came out in substantial numbers to participate in the MARC Walk for Recovery on October 25, 2014, at Baird Park, along with many friends of MARC from the Alcoholics Anonymous community of Dutchess County.

Although the day was bracketed by poor weather on Friday and Sunday, the walkers on Saturday enjoyed perfect weather for the event. Although most of the walkers chose the blacktop roads for their walks of up to 5 km, at least four intrepid walkers took the rocky paths through the woods. We were happy to have a number of walkers joined by dogs and also to see a few young “walkers” riding in strollers.

Everyone enjoyed hot dogs, chocolate bars, and coffee after the walk, and many walkers left with tee shirts and/or bracelets commemorating the event.

Based on this year’s success, the committee has already started to plan the walk for next year.